Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Picture Memories

As I bandage the minor abrasions on my hands caused by animals trying to escape the torture of being dressed up and posed for a holiday photo, i wonder, was it worth it? YES! It totally was! The pictures are heartwarming, funny and a memory to last a lifetime.

Have you ever tried taking pictures of your kids? They squirm and fuss and ask if you are done yet and you say I would be done faster if you would just smile! Well take that scenario and add in 3 dogs, a rabbit and a box turtle. The dogs were actually all too happy to don their Christmas garb. They jumped and wagged tails and panted excitedly then pranced around the room to show them off. The Rabbit was not too happy, only because I attached a bow to his harness and he hates the harness (rabbits were not meant to be walked) but once it was on he hopped around happily without a care. The box turtle (tortoise my son would say) was none too happy about getting a ribbon tied around her shell and tried the entire time to remove it.

Once everyone is dressed and looking cute I plop them down in front of the tree. Every photo someone is making a face or looking away, it is practically impossible to get all kids and animals facing forward and looking happy. The pets kept wandering away, the children were making faces, but instead of getting annoyed I laughed. It was a wonderful family moment.

I took a few but this was my favorite of the bunch:

One dog is standing tall, the next has given up trying, my daughter is being silly making a face that makes me giggle every time I see it, the rabbit was caught trying to make a getaway, the last dog has become very suspicious of the turtle who just wants that dang bow off and my Son is trying his best to pose while being distracted by his sister. it isn't a perfect picture by any stretch of the imagination but it tells a story and makes me laugh and those are the best photos in my opinion.

It is funny the things we will do to commemorate the holidays. No matter what the trouble or hassle we stick to our traditions and are happy we did. I love looking back at family photos and seeing all my children grow, the ones with fur and the ones without. I am a picture fanatic any day of the week but the holidays are especially important to me and I wouldn't trade those pictures, or the memories of taking them, for anything in the world.

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