Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have a blog?

Wow! It has been a while!

My journey to getting healthy has gone well. I am at 130, and while not my initial goal weight I am comfortable with it. I am in a size 8 and like not only how good I look but how good I feel.

I have so much more energy to be the mom I want to be. I love taking walks with the kids and playing outside with them so much more than I used to. Also, my being active and trying to eat healthy is having an impact on them. i see my 6 year old son making healthier choices at snack time without any prompting from me and that feels good.

For me it was about shifting my focus from weight loss to getting healthy. This meant a change for not only me but for my whole family. We still have treats from time to time and i am not super health queen by any means, but we do our best and try to have fun while we are at it.

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